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It is time to say good-bye!
I began this website six years ago (with the assistance of Amir Gissin,
who was the Israeli Consul for Toronto at the time) in order to try to
make a difference in the amount of bias coming from the Canadian
While we cannot say that bias has been eliminated from the
Canadian media, there definitely have been some positive changes.

I would have liked to say that I am ending this website because
Israel is at peace with its neighbours.

I would like to be able to say that the United Nations has finally
seen the light and they are not 'hounding' Israel at every opportunity.

I would like to be able to say that I am confident that the level of
support for Israel that the present Canadian government will propose,
will be close to the level of support that the Conservative government
Unfortunately, I feel that these things will take more time... perhaps
they will never occur.

I have decided to take a break from this website. Perhaps I will return
in the future; only time will tell.

If anyone would like to take over this site, feel free to contact me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to serve you and the
State of Israel.
Paul Ross.
Today's CLIC is a website whose aim is to shine light on the news media
across Canada and throughout the world, in order to prevent anti-Israeli
and anti-Semitic coverage.


Canadian Light on Israel Coverage, CLIC, was formed in January, 2009
during the Second War in Lebanon. The mission of Today's CLIC is to
convince all forms of Canadian media to portray Israel and Canadian
Jewry in a fair and unbiased manner.


Happy 2016

Let's ask for peace and harmony

And add good health and prosperity

It's a lot to ask for, BUT,

If we don't begin optimistically...

We won't get anywhere.

So hug your partner,

then hug a stranger,

And let's start this year with a smile!


The One Speech About Islam Every Person Must Hear!

Brigitte Gabriel gives FANTASTIC answer to Muslim woman claiming all Muslims are portrayed badly

This speech about Islam you must hear


Inventing the "Palestinian People"

Inventing the


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Goodbye to 2015



Research: Islam really is the world’s most violent religion

BY , NOV. 27, 2015

Danish linguist Tina Magaard spent three years examining the texts of the ten largest religions. The purpose was to investigate whether any of the religions incite violence.

The conclusion was clear: “The texts of Islam are clearly distinct from the other religions texts as they, to a higher degree, call for violence and aggression against followers of other faiths. There are also direct incitements to terror. … Moreover, in the Qur’an there are hundreds of invitations to fight against people of other faiths.”

The verses are in black and white and without mitigating context. One of the verses that deal with non-Muslims is: “So when you meet those who disbelieve, strike their necks until you have inflicted slaughter upon them.” (Qur’an 47: 4).

Violent in practice

Islam is not only the world’s most violent religion in writing. A huge study, based on in-depth interviews with 45,000 subjects, confirms that it is also the world’s most violent religion in practice.

The study shows that Islam is the only religion in the world in which people become more violent, the stronger they believe in their religion.


The fact that Islam is the world’s most violent religion is most likely the reason why Muslims since September 11, 2001, have committed more than 27,000 deadly terrorist attacks in the name of Islam. This corresponds to approximately 2,000 a year, or five a day.

Another fact is that the number of Muslims in the Western world is increasing dramatically and that they are becoming still more religious: 75 percent of Muslims inside Europe think that the texts of the world’s most violent religion must be taken literally.

This is probably why 80 percent of young Turks in Holland see “nothing wrong” with waging Jihad against non-Muslims. And that 27 percent of all young French and 14 percent of all young British under 25 sympathize with the genocidal terror organisation Islamic State. This includes most probably the vast majority of young Muslims in these two countries.

Europe is about to face its greatest challenge ever.


Sunday, November 22, 2015
U.S. Two gunmen opened fire into a crowd of approximately 500 people in New Orleans. At least sixteen people were injured in the melee that erupted, as the people packed a park to film a music video.
E.U. Belgian police continue to lock down Brussels while hunting for more terrorists who carried out the massacres in Paris last week.
Monday, November 23, 2015
Israel. A 21 year-old girl was stabbed to death.
The first two items made the news. The third, IF it reaches world news, will be twisted to make it sound like the perpetrator was the victim. After all, the twenty-one year old girl was Jewish.
How terribly sad... How terribly tragic.
Two innocent people were stabbed to death while praying in a synagogue this morning in my home land in Tel Aviv.
Their 'crime' was the fact that they were Jewish.
And don't believe for one moment that this senseless violence won't reach these shores (Canada).
Avoid Israeli Brutality

Because It’s 2015

On Wednesday in Ottawa, Justin Trudeau was sworn in as Canadian prime minister. He wasted no time in announcing his newly chosen cabinet of exactly 15 men and 15 women, which fulfilled a campaign pledge he’d made about gender equality. One reporter asked Trudeau why the perfect male-female split was so important to him. The prime minster’s response: “Because it’s 2015.”






It sure is. Back in the pre-identity Dark Ages, leaders of representative democracies felt obliged to cite principles or aims in explaining policy to citizens. Today they cite trends.

One problem with trends is that they go as quickly as they come. As Trudeau is sure to find out, his 50-50-gender cabinet is already passé. Where does it leave those Canadians who don’t identify as either male or female? Tell the prime minister the 1990s called. It wants its social justice back.

That’s only a practical challenge. Trudeau can pick up a full-time gendermetrician to carve up the grievance pie and reconfigure his cabinet with each newly pronounced identity.

There are deeper problems. “Because it’s 2015” kills debate, which is the lifeblood of free societies and, ironically, of social evolution. “Because it’s 2015” is a witless claim to absolute prerogative. It dresses up dogma in the finery of historical truth and casts off inquiry as another freshly uncovered offense against progress.

It’s an old story, really. In Culture and Anarchy, Matthew Arnold lamented our “stock notions and habits, which we now follow staunchly but mechanically, vainly imagining that there is a virtue in following them staunchly which makes up for the mischief of following them mechanically.” He wrote that in 1867. Trudeau’s perfunctory assertion of 21st-century righteousness puts him right back in 19th-century England. Every bit as staunch and mechanical, only his stock notions differ from those of Arnold’s contemporaries.

But celebrating thoughtlessness — that’s a modern innovation. A Toronto Starheadline reads, “Justin Trudeau’s ‘because it’s 2015’ gender parity comment gets world praise.” If you’re a Canadian wondering what’s wrong with picking a cabinet on gender-blind merit, well, good luck to you. And if you’re an average Canadian who finds himself underserved by his government in the coming years, good luck to you, too. “Because it’s 2015” works no matter what year you plug in. It’s the political equivalent of “today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Being au courant means never having to say you’re sorry (see: Obama, Barack H.). Don’t underestimate the ability of “progress” to halt progress.

In the meantime, more fashionable equity is coming down the Canadian pike. At the Times of Israel, Raphael Ahren reports: “Canada will strive for a more balanced policy regarding the Middle East, including active outreach to the Arab world, the country’s new foreign minister said Wednesday.” Among progressives, the term “balance” can excuse all manner of foolishness. And it gets worse: “In a telephone conversation between Trudeau and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week, the new Canadian leader ‘explained there would be a shift in tone, but said Canada would continue to be a friend of Israel’s,’ Trudeau’s spokesperson said.”

Friends with detriments. We know who started that trend.

Canadian Foreign Minister Stéphane Dion explained his rationale with a flawless parody of Diplomatese: “Israel is a friend, it is an ally but for us to be an effective ally we need also to strengthen our relationship with the other legitimate partners in the region. For example, we need to strengthen our relationship with Lebanon, and this will help Lebanon but also Israel. To be helpful, you need to strengthen your relationship with the other legitimate partners, and that is what we will do.”

Dion’s statement is free of content for a reason. There is no sound justification for Canada to cool relations with Israel while flattering Israel’s neighbors. There are only stock liberal notions about Israeli misconduct and the need for “balance” in Middle East affairs. When you act, as Arnold would say, “mechanically,” you lose the ability to think critically. What’s the real reason Canada is changing its tone toward Israel? Because that’s what liberal governments do these days. Because it’s 2015. Mischief to follow.

An explanation for the sincere

by JAY NORDLINGER October 13, 2015
Friends, I have a piece about Israel in the current issue of National Review. I thought I’d “blow it out” here in Impromptus. By that I mean, do an expanded version, in bulleted sections. See what you think.

-During last month’s presidential debate, many of the candidates mentioned Israel. Jeb Bush, for example, said that we need to reestablish “our commitment to Israel, which has been altered by this administration.” Carly Fiorina said that the first phone call she would make, from the Oval Office, would be to “my good friend Bibi Netanyahu.” Its purpose would be “to reassure him we will stand with the State of Israel.”
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10 Things to Know About the Latest Wave of Palestinian Terror

by Yishai Fleisher, Oct. 26, 2015
The current state of affairs in Israel is full of lessons and truths. The sooner we learn them, the ‎sooner we can stop the attacks.‎


‎1. We can stop feeling guilty‎.

A few good things have come out of the recent wave of terror in the streets of ‎Israel. The first is that the facade that jihadis are somehow struggling for self-determination, ‎social justice, or any other noble idea has been unmasked. It is clear to us now that, unlike what ‎we’ve been urged to believe for the last 30 years, jihadis don’t want peace. They want to ‎annihilate Jews,

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UN suspends UNWRA employees for inciting violence against Israelis on Facebook

The United Nations suspended several UNRWA employees after UN Watch exposed that they were inciting violence against Israelis and Jews on social media.

The suspensions came only after a report of 10 such incidences published by UN Watch on October 16.
To read the complete article, please CLIC here:

This is how you stand up for what is right while

the rest of the world remains silent

Image result for This is how you stand up for what is right while the rest of the world remains silent

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the peace train

Dry Bones cartoon: Kirschen, Oslo, terror, PLO,Palestinians,1993,


The Murder of a Hero
In trying to save a life, Rabbi Nehemia Lavi paid with his life.

Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, 41, was celebrating the Third Meal of Shabbat with his wife and seven children in their rooftop sukkah above their Jerusalem Old City apartment. Rabbi Lavi related a teaching of the Vilna Gaon that there are two mitzvot that a man can fulfill with his whole body: Living in the Land of Israel and sitting in a sukkah. (Women, who are commanded to immerse in a mikvah, have three whole-body mitzvot.) He remarked to his family that they are, at that moment, fulfilling both these mitzvot. Suddenly they heard a woman screaming. Rabbi Lavi, an officer in the I.D.F. Reserves, grabbed his gun and ran downstairs to save her. As Israel’s Chief Rabbi would say at Nehemia Lavi’s funeral, he thus was fulfilling a third mitzvah with his whole body.

The Arab terrorist, who had already murdered 22-year-old Aaron Banito Bennet and seriously wounded his young wife Adelle, killed Rabbi Lavi by repeatedly stabbing him in the chest and neck. Then he took the rabbi’s gun and shot the Bennets’ toddler in the leg. Adelle, with a knife in her shoulder, managed to run to an Israeli police outpost fifty meters away before losing consciousness. The police neutralized the terrorist.

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The Hypocrisy of Boycott by Yair Lapid
24 September, 2015
As you know by now, the Reykjavik City Council decided this week to boycott products from Israel. All products. From all of Israel.

I have a few questions:
Does the boycott include products made by Israel’s Arab minority which is 20% of the population?
Does the boycott include the 14 Arab Israeli parliamentarians who sit beside me in Israel’s parliament?
Does the boycott include Israeli factories which employ tens of thousands of Palestinians for whom this is the only opportunity to provide for their children?
Does the boycott include Israeli hospitals at which tens of thousands of Palestinians are treated every year?
Does the boycott include produce made by the 71% of Israeli’s who, according to the latest survey, support a two state solution and the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel?
Wait, don’t go yet, I’ve got a few more:
Among the products being boycotted is Copaxone, for MS sufferers, included?
Does the boycott include “Tulip” wine which is made by people with special needs and those who suffer from autism?
And what about the books of Israeli Nobel Prize Laureate in literature, Shai Agnon?
Does the boycott include Microsoft Office, cellphone cameras, Google – all of which contain elements invented or produced in Israel?
If the answer to all these questions is “yes” then I’ll move aside and wish you all an enjoyable life until the sadly unavoidable heart attack (sorry but pacemakers are also an Israeli invention). The other option is that someone at Reykjavik City Council didn’t think the issue through.
If they had then why stop at Israel? One of the best kept secrets about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that it is one of the smallest conflicts in the Middle East. In fact, there is no correlation between its actual size and the media coverage it receives.
Since the end of Israel’s War of Independence, 67 years ago, around 12,000 Palestinians have lost their lives in this conflict. A large proportion of those were terrorists, suicide bombers, terror tunnel diggers from various global jihadist organizations.
With that we can’t ignore the fact that in those years there were a few thousand innocents who lost their lives. I believe that’s terrible. It keeps me awake at night, like most Israelis. With that the simple fact is – and it’s easy to check – that in 67 years less innocent Palestinians were killed than in one week (!) in Syria. In fact, in that same period around 12 million people were killed in the Arab world. A simple calculation shows that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict caused 0.01% of the numbers killed in conflicts in the Islamic world.
An interesting question then is what is the position of Reykjavik City Council about the Islamic world? Do they boycott it also? All of it?
But of course this isn’t a discussion about statistics, it is about morals. Israel is a vibrant democracy fighting for its existence in tough circumstances. Our major sin, in the eyes of the world and the Reykjavik City Council, is that we are winning that war.
Yes, in this conflict more Palestinians are killed than Israelis. Why? Because we have a better army and we have the Iron Dome system which protects our cities from rockets. If our military lays down its weapons and we disarm Iron Dome, we’d be murdered within 24 hours.
So Israel will continue to defend itself, and will continue doing all it can to avoid civilian casualties.
At the same time, we will continue to search for the path to peace with the Palestinians. Twice, in the year 2000 and in the year 2008, Israel offered them over 90% of the land so they could build a state for themselves. Both times they refused.
The boycott industry is not new. It is a vast industry of media and public relations organized by Islamist groups funded by Qatar and Iran. Their purpose is not the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel but a Palestinian state on the ashes of Israel.
They know that message won’t be acceptable to liberal Europe. So they decided – as has been exposed time and again – to sell the naïve Europeans humanitarian values of freedom and solidarity which they don’t believe for even one second.
Hamas has no intention of creating a Palestinian democracy but a dark theocracy in which homosexuals are hanged from telephone poles, women aren’t allowed to leave their homes and Christians and Jews are murdered for being Christians and Jews. Are those values acceptable to the Reykjavik City Council? If not then that’s strange, because they voted in favour of them.

Visiting the Western Wall, and the al-Aqsa Mosque, as a Muslim Woman

by Qanta Ahmed, Times of Israel via Mosaic Magazine, Sept. 22, 2015

In light of the latest outbursts of violence in Jerusalem, Qanta Ahmed reflects on visiting the Temple Mount and the spirit of intolerance that dominates much of contemporary Islam:

My first visit to al-Aqsa, and to the Dome, and to the Western Wall was in the month of May just two years ago. Because I am privileged in the eyes of Israel as a Muslim, I could visit, and worship at all three, while I could not offer the same opportunity to a Jew. . . [Yet] I still feel the sharp rejection of the bearded sentry at the Dome of the Rock, [and] my humiliation as the sentry challenged and rankly tested evidence of my Islamic identity. . . .

The experience tainted my entire visit to the Dome of the Rock. Even deep inside the cave within the Rock, as I prayed, the harassment continued. As [my guide] stood respectfully to one side to avoid observing my prayer (as is customary for a Muslim man) he was ceaselessly heckled by boorish Muslim women chastising him for not praying.

Later, approaching the Kotel with my handwritten page-long prayer, I was struck by the contrast, the quiet acceptance among Jewish women I was afforded. Women who asked not whom I worshiped, nor how I prayed, but merely understood through my gestures my desire. For them it was enough that I wished to stand among them as we prayed to our Maker. . . . I invited no harassment, no scrutiny, no challenge, no rancor. . . .

By contrast, the territorial and ruthless domination of the public space, of public worship, of external religiosity, is a hallmark of Islamism. The policing of belief, and that of believers, is an archetypal feature. Forbidding worshippers from entering holy sites in Islam, including non-conforming or pluralist Muslims who reject both the ideology and accouterments of Islamism, is an impassioned pastime of fervent Islamists who foolishly believe [that] only they are the arbiters of faith [and] only they the guardians to our Creator.

Full article at:


Kirschen,  Dry Bones, Dry Bones cartoon,jewish, jewish culture, holiday, Yom Kippur, high holidays,Jewish, Jewish New Year,G'mar Hatima Tova,
The Jewish Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, in the Jewish New Year of 5776 begins on Tuesday eve, September 22nd. It is a day of fasting, prayer, and asking to be forgiven for our transgressions.

The proper Hebrew greeting is "G'mar Hatima Tova!"
which means "May you be sealed in the Book of Life"
Image result for shana tova 2015
May this year bring peace, good health, warmth
and prosperity to us all
How Hamas Conned the World
How Hamas conned the world

Comment: How Israel prevented ISIS from going nuclear

by Michael Freund, J. Post, Sept. 2, 2015

Instead of constantly smacking Israel with criticism, the Obama administration and its European comrades should be praising the Jewish state.

The entire free world owes Israel an enormous debt of gratitude.

Were it not for a prescient strike against a Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007, which foreign media sources credit Israel with carrying out, the fanatics of Islamic State would now be in possession of their own nuclear facility.

This revelation came to light thanks to a recent article on the NK News website by former US diplomat Dennis P. Halpin, who highlighted an intriguing tidbit of information that was otherwise almost completely ignored by the mainstream press.

Back on June 30, the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security, which aims to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, posted a satellite imagery brief which revealed that, “The destroyed reactor site in Syria is now under the control of ISIL/Daesh [Islamic State, or IS], which is apparently dismantling and possibly conducting excavation activities at the site.”

Halpin, who is currently a visiting scholar at the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University, was the first to point out the significance of the satellite data and he did not mince words in describing it: “If it were not for ‘Operation Orchard’ – the Israeli air strike conducted on the Al Kibar reactor on September 6, 2007 – ISIL fighters could well be armed today with atomic weaponry rather than just captured U.S. tanks and Kalashnikov rifles.”

According to foreign media reports, Israeli special forces along with aircraft hit the atomic facility, which the Syrian government was building with help from North Korea, in the Deir ez-Zor region of the country.

On April 24, 2008, more than seven months later, the White House press secretary issued an unusual statement saying that Syria had indeed been “building a covert nuclear reactor in its eastern desert capable of producing plutonium.”

Based on intelligence, the US said there was “good reason to believe that reactor, which was damaged beyond repair on September 6 of last year, was not intended for peaceful purposes,” and it noted that “after it was destroyed, the regime moved quickly to bury evidence of its existence. This cover-up only served to reinforce our confidence that this reactor was not intended for peaceful activities.”

Now jump back to the present, and consider what the current situation might be had that Syrian reactor been left in place: it would now be in the hands of IS.

Just the thought of a nuclear-armed Islamic State, which enthusiastically revels in the shedding of blood, should be enough to send chills down the spine.

The group, which now controls swathes of Iraq and Syria equivalent in size to Great Britain, has made headlines over the past year thanks to its expansionist and genocidal ideology, and aims to establish an Islamic caliphate in order to rule the world.

It has shown a penchant for the macabre, releasing videos in which its fighters have proudly beheaded, crucified or burned captives alive.

And as the BBC’s Andrew Hosken notes in his new book, Empire of Fear: Inside the Islamic State, the terrorist group’s objective is to take over the entire Middle East, all of North Africa and even parts of Europe by 2020.

Hosken is also convinced, as he told the UK Daily Express on August 11, that IS would not hesitate to employ chemical, biological or nuclear weapons to achieve its goals.

“If they had weapons of mass destruction, they would use them,” he said, adding, “There is no question about that.”

Needless to say, when the Syrian reactor was destroyed eight years ago, there were those who were quick to criticize the Jewish state for its actions.

Mohamed El Baradei, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, told CNN that the Israeli attack “to me is very distressful.” If countries had information about covert nuclear programs, “they should come to us,” he said.

In retrospect, it is now clear just how judicious Israel’s preemptive attack was, for it not only prevented the brutal regime of Bashar Assad from developing nuclear weapons, but also averted a scenario in which IS would have its bloodstained fingers on the nuclear trigger, able to blackmail the world.

El Baradei and others who lambasted Israel for its actions owe the Jewish state a heartfelt apology.

Islamic State’s capture of the bombed-out Syrian reactor once again underlines Israel’s central – and often underappreciated – role on the front lines of the West’s struggle against Islamic fundamentalist terrorism.

Instead of constantly smacking Israel with criticism, the Obama administration and its European comrades should be praising the Jewish state.

Israel remains the Western world’s only reliable ally in the Middle East, a bulwark against the forces of darkness and despotism.

Indeed, by taking out the Syrian reactor, Israel may very well have saved humanity from the prospect of a nuclear-armed IS wreaking havoc in the Middle East and beyond.

And for that, the world has Israel to thank.

The Democrats are becoming a party of atom bomb spies.

August 25, 2015

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

Senator Markey has announced his support for the Iran deal that will let the terrorist regime inspect its own Parchin nuclear weapons research site, conduct uranium enrichment, build advanced centrifuges, buy ballistic missiles, fund terrorism and have a near zero breakout time to a nuclear bomb.

There was no surprise there.

Markey had topped the list of candidates supported by the Iran Lobby. And the Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC) had maxed out its contributions to his campaign.

After more fake suspense, Al Franken, another IAPAC backed politician who also benefited from Iran Lobby money, came out for the nuke sellout.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen, the Iran Lobby’s third Dem senator, didn’t bother playing coy like her colleagues. She came out for the deal a while back even though she only got half the IAPAC cash that Franken and Markey received.

As did Senator Gillibrand, who had benefited from IAPAC money back when she first ran for senator and whose position on the deal should have come as no surprise.

The Iran Lobby had even tried, and failed, to turn Arizona Republican Jeff Flake. Iran Lobby cash had made the White House count on him as the Republican who would flip, but Flake came out against the deal. The Iran Lobby invested a good deal of time and money into Schumer, but that effort also failed.

Still these donations were only the tip of the Iran Lobby iceberg.

Gillibrand had also picked up money from the Iran Lobby’s Hassan Nemazee. Namazee was Hillary’s national campaign finance director who had raised a fortune for both her and Kerry before pleading guilty to a fraud scheme encompassing hundreds of millions of dollars. Nemazee had been an IAPAC trustee and had helped set up the organization.

Bill Clinton had nominated Hassan Nemazee as the US ambassador to Argentina when he had only been a citizen for two years.  A spoilsport Senate didn’t allow Clinton to make a member of the Iran Lobby into a US ambassador, but Nemazee remained a steady presence on the Dem fundraising circuit.

Nemazee had donated to Gillibrand and had also kicked in money to help the Franken Recount Fund scour all the cemeteries for freshly dead votes, as well as to Barbara Boxer, who also came out for the Iran nuke deal. Boxer had also received money more directly from IAPAC.

In the House, the Democratic recipients of IAPAC money came out for the deal. Mike Honda, one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Iran Lobby backed the nuke sellout. As did Andre Carson, Gerry Connolly, Donna Edwards and Jackie Speier. The Iran Lobby was certainly getting its money’s worth.

But the Iran Lobby’s biggest wins weren’t Markey or Shaheen. The real victory had come long before when two of their biggest politicians, Joe Biden and John Kerry, had moved into prime positions in the administration. Not only IAPAC, but key Iran Lobby figures had been major donors to both men.

That list includes Housang Amirahmadi, the founder of the American Iranian Council, who had spoken of a campaign to “conquer Obama’s heart and mind” and had described himself as “the Iranian lobby in the United States.” It includes the Iranian Muslim Association of North America (IMAN) board members who had fundraised for Biden. And it includes the aforementioned Hassan Nemazee.

A member of Iran’s opposition had accused Biden’s campaigns of being “financed by Islamic charities of the Iranian regime based in California and by the Silicon Iran network.” Biden’s affinity for the terrorist regime in Tehran was so extreme that after 9/11 he had suggested, “Seems to me this would be a good time to send, no strings attached, a check for $200 million to Iran”.

Appeasement inflation has since raised that $200 million to at least $50 billion. But there are still no strings worth mentioning attached to the big check.

Questions about donations from the Iran Lobby had haunted Kerry’s campaign. Back then Kerry had been accused of supporting an agreement favorable to Iran. The parameters of that controversial proposal however were less generous than the one that Obama and Kerry are trying to sell now.

The hypothetical debates over the influence of the Iran Lobby have come to a very real conclusion.

Both of Obama’s secretaries of state were involved in Iran Lobby cash controversies, as was his vice president and his former secretary of defense. Obama was also the beneficiary of sizable donations from the Iran Lobby. Akbar Ghahary, the former co-founder of IAPAC, had donated and raised some $50,000 for Obama.

It’s an unprecedented track record that has received very little notice. While the so-called “Israel Lobby” is constantly scrutinized, the fact that key foreign policy positions under Obama are controlled by political figures with troubling ties to an enemy of this country has gone mostly unreported by the mainstream media.

This culture of silence allowed the Iran Lobby to get away with taking out a full-page ad in the New York Times before the Netanyahu speech asking, “Will Congress side with our President or a Foreign Leader?”

Iran’s stooges had taken a break from lobbying for ballistic missiles to play American patriots.

Obama and his allies, Iranian and domestic, have accused opponents of his dirty Iran deal of making “common cause” with that same terror regime and of treason. The ugly truth is that he and his political accomplices were the traitors all along.

Democrats in favor of a deal that will let a terrorist regime go nuclear have taken money from lobbies for that regime. They have broken their oath by taking bribes from a regime whose leaders chant, “Death to America”. Their pretense of examining the deal is nothing more than a hollow charade.

This deal has come down from Iran Lobby influenced politicians like Kerry and is being waved through by members of Congress who have taken money from the Iran Lobby. That is treason plain and simple.

Despite what we are told about its “moderate” leaders, Iran considers itself to be in a state of war with us. Iran and its agents have repeatedly carried out attacks against American soldiers, abducted and tortured to death American officials and have even engaged in attacks on American naval vessels.

Aiding an enemy state in developing nuclear weapons is the worst form of treason imaginable. Helping put weapons of mass destruction in the hands of terrorists is the gravest of crimes.

The Democrats who have approved this deal are turning their party into a party of atom bomb spies.

Those politicians who have taken money from the Iran Lobby and are signing off on a deal that will let Iran go nuclear have engaged in the worst form of treason and committed the gravest of crimes. They must know that they will be held accountable. That when Iran detonates its first bomb, their names will be on it.


The Gaza Hamas and the Media Don’t Want You to See!



Published: August 27, 2015
The Parchin precedent

by Clifford D. May, Israel Hayom, Aug. 27, 2015

Initially, I thought the news was beyond parodying. The Associated Press ran a story last week headlined: "U.N. to let Iran inspect nuke work site." I soon realized that this revelation -- a secret side agreement under which Iran is to police its own suspect nuclear weapons facilities -- was too ludicrous not to parody.

A radio talk show host asked me how this was different from letting professional athletes test their own urine for performance-enhancing drugs. A colleague said the next time the IRS questioned his tax return, he'd offer to conduct a "self-audit." It occurred to me that erratic drivers could administer their own breathalyzer tests: "Officer, if I've been drinking, I'm going to find out about it, and I will definitely let you know!"

Hardly less humorous was the response of some deal supporters. At first, they insisted that the AP's journalists didn't know what the heck they were talking about. But instead of issuing a correction, the news agency published the draft text of the agreement. True believers began insisting it must be a forgery, probably created by -- you guessed it -- those thin-skinned Israelis who get so testy every time Iran's rulers threaten them with extermination.

All right, perhaps I should be serious for a few paragraphs. The more we learn about President Barack Obama's deal with Iran, the more obvious it becomes that Iranian negotiators ran rings around American negotiators.

As a result, Iran's rulers are now set to reap huge economic rewards. Their nuclear weapons program is not being eliminated -- at most it's being delayed for a few years. During that time, inspections will be lax. Punishments for violations are unlikely. The Islamic republic will regain international legitimacy with no change in its egregious human rights violations at home and its support for terrorists abroad. It will be enormously strengthened militarily as well.

But the side agreements -- we now know of two -- go further. The only reason we even know about them is that last month Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo and Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton met in Vienna with officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N. body responsible for conducting inspections in Iran. Those officials disclosed what the White House and State Department had not: that "certain elements of this deal are -- and will remain -- secret."

Well, not secret from Iran and the IAEA, but the idea was to keep Congress and the American public in the dark -- in apparent violation of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act which promised that all materials relevant to the deal, including agreements "entered into or made between Iran and any other parties," would be available for congressional review.

Asked about that, Secretary of State John Kerry said he, too, hadn't read the secret side deals. But the IAEA, he insisted, can be relied upon to keep Iran's mullahs out of the nuclear weapons biz. Oh, sure. What could possibly go wrong?

The secret agreement unearthed by the AP specifically applies to Parchin, a military base where Iran's rulers are believed to have conducted experiments relevant to detonating nuclear warheads. For more than a decade, the IAEA has been attempting to get access to Parchin. Obama administration spokesmen had affirmed that such access was necessary in order to establish a reliable verification system. You won't be surprised to learn they're not saying that now.

Iranian officials have vowed that international inspectors will never be permitted to poke around any of their military bases. Are self-inspections what they plan for all such facilities, and has Obama secretly agreed that this is good enough? Call it "The Parchin Precedent," which may sound like a Robert Ludlum thriller but now appears to be Washington's policy toward the Islamic republic. It can be summed up in three words: Trust, don't verify.

A second side agreement reportedly calls for resolving questions about Iran's previous nuclear research and development -- which would require interviews with key Iranian nuclear scientists who until now have not been made available -- by December. That's several months after Congress is scheduled to have voted on the deal. Would you buy a house in September based on the understanding that only three months later the termite inspectors will let you know whether there's a problem?

I'd wager that Iran's rulers will never disclose what are euphemistically called the "possible military dimensions" of their past nuclear research. Under the agreement, they acknowledge nothing. Instead, they claim they haven't worked on nukes and don't plan to start now. Those who approve this agreement are pretending to believe them. Just as when Iran's leaders chant "Death to America!" and "Death to Israel!" many of us pretend they're just letting off a little steam, rather than expressing the essence of Islamism.

Speaking of which, there was an additional development over the weekend: Reuters reported that Iran, in clear violation of a U.N. arms embargo, has "unveiled a new surface-to-surface missile it said could strike targets with pin-point accuracy within a range of 500 kilometers (310 miles)." The news agency noted that "Iran has said it will not follow parts of the nuclear deal that restrict its military capabilities."

"We will buy, sell and develop any weapons we need and we will not ask for permission or abide by any resolution for that," Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a speech at the unveiling ceremony broadcast live on state television. He added that Iranian military might should be seen "as a precondition for peace."

By approving Obama's deal with Iran, members of Congress are pretending they believe that, too. Now that is beyond parody.

Clifford D. May is president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and a columnist for the Washington Times.


Israeli firm eyes more wind farms

after €24m Irish deal


Paul O'Donoghue

PUBLISHED14/08/2015 | 02:30

Enright Renewable specialises in clean electricity production1Enright Renewable specialises in clean electricity production

An Israeli renewable energy company which has just closed a deal on a windfarm development in Ireland is aiming to establish 100 megawatts of wind power here in the coming years.

Enlight Renewable Energy specialises in initiating, developing, constructing and operating clean electricity production projects from renewable energy sources, and has solar and windfarms in Israel, below, and abroad. It has just closed a deal to build a windfarm in Ireland in a development worth 100m Israeli Shekel (€24m).

Enlight Renewable Energy is the renewable energy arm of Eurocom Group, one of the largest holding companies in Israel. The company has started work on the 14 megawatt farm, which is planned to be completed in the second half of 2016.

The firm would not reveal where the farm will be located, saying only that it will be in the north west of the country. The funding is expected to be made up of 80pc debt and 20pc equity.

Enlight's vice president of marketing and business development, Zafrir Yoeli, said: "We certainly have more developments planned, we are looking to identify and invest in additional products and the Irish market has a very good wind resource and equity resource.

"When we enter into a market we would always like to get to 100MW. We would like to increase by several tens of MW next year, it will depend on the market."

He added: "We are targeting as much as we can, we would like to do more projects of a similar size to the one we're doing now or bigger." Mr Yoeli said that the company is now looking "anywhere and everywhere" across Ireland in an effort to identify more suitable projects.

When asked why the company chose to establish a presence in the Irish market he said: "There is a good tariff programme for wind energy, there are mature developers here who know what they are doing and there is good access to finance."

It is expected that the 14MW project will generate annual revenue of about 13 million shekels (€3m) for 25 years.

Just over €3m will be paid to an Irish developer as part of the development, although Mr Yoeli declined to name them.

Ireland is aiming to generate 40pc of all its electricity from renewable sources by 2020.


Irish Independent

See the most recent BLOG entry:
This Government Has Got to GO!
A Letter from the Hon. Jason Kenney


As Minister for Multiculturalism, I have always taken a zero tolerance attitude toward Antisemitism.

Years ago I was criticized for saying that groups who express hateful views or defend terrorists should not receive taxpayer funding.

As Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, I ended government funding for groups such as the Canadian Arab Federation, and Palestine House.

I did so because the leadership of both of these organizations had long track records of expressing hateful, antisemitic views, and glorifying terrorists. Shockingly, they had been granted multi-million dollar funding by the previous Liberal government to provide integration services to new immigrants.

When I eliminated taxpayer funding of these organizations, the Liberal and New Democratic parties attacked me, insisting that the government restore funding to them. The Canadian Arab Federation also sued me, seeking to have a court force the government to restore its million dollar annual grant.

I am pleased to tell you that the Federal Court rejected this effort to force us to fund purveyors of hate. And recently, a three-judge panel of the Federal Court of Appeal unanimously rejected the Canadian Arab Federation law suit against me. Here is a link to the Court's decision

Given the upcoming federal election, I hope that you will ask your Liberal and NDP candidates if they still believe that we should give millions of tax dollars to groups whose leadership promotes antisemitism, and who express support for banned terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. In particular, I believe that Justin Trudeau should be asked for his position on funding the Canadian Arab Federation, given that a former President of the organization, Omar Algabhra, is a Liberal candidate in this election, and is described as a “close advisor” to Mr. Trudeau.

Two years ago, Justin Trudeau remained silent when Elias Hazineh, a past President of Palestine House and of the Liberal Party's Mississauga-Erindale constituency association was investigated by police for leading a rally in Toronto where he said that Israeli Jews should be shot if they don't leave Palestine.

It is a troubling pattern. When they were in government, the Liberals appointed Liberal Party member and Canadian Arab Federation President, Khaled Mouammar,to the Immigration and Refugee Board. This is the same Khaled Mouammar who also wanted Hezbollah and Hamas removed from the list of banned terror organizations.

Justin Trudeau needs to come clean: do these people have a place in the party he leads?  And would he restore millions of dollars in taxpayer funding to the Canadian Arab Federation and Palestine House?

As always, feel free to share this message with friends and family.


Hon. Jason Kenney


It was quite a surprise to see the following article in an Irish newspaper (Sunday Independent) on August 14, 2015. The fact that Boaz Modai was given the opportunity to explain his/Israel's position in the Middle East, is a pleasant surprise.

Where Israel is concerned it's always Groundhog Day

Instant Amnesia When Israel Is Discussed -

Departing Israeli ambassador Boaz Modai says instant amnesia undermines a true understanding of his country

Here are some points made by Israeli Ambassador Boaz Modai in his article:

It is 20 years since the signing of the second phase of the Oslo Accords between Israel and the PLO. Under this 1995 agreement, the most populated areas of Judea-Samaria [the West Bank], containing 96% of the Palestinian Arabs, are now under the autonomous government of the PA. It is often necessary to remind people of this fact when mantras like "Israeli-occupied West Bank" are recited.

An uninformed person might think that Israel, one day last summer, inexplicably decided to launch an unprovoked assault on defenseless people in Gaza. In fact, 4,258 rockets and countless mortars fired by Hamas into Israel over 50 days plus 32 terror tunnels prepared for the massacre and abduction of Israeli civilians were met with Israeli air strikes targeting rocket launch sites and Hamas infrastructure, plus a limited ground invasion to destroy the tunnels.

Those who wish to demonize my country find it easy to get a platform in the media to speak of "genocide." Has amnesia progressed so far that some people have forgotten the meaning of a word like "genocide"? One-third of the world's Jews wiped out in the Holocaust - that was genocide. Palestinian Arabs, on the contrary, enjoy the highest life expectancy and the lowest infant mortality in the Arab world. When they did live under Israeli occupation, the number of their universities increased from one to nine; and the diseases of polio, tetanus, whooping cough and measles were eradicated.

(Sunday Independent - Ireland)


Sarcastic Israeli Minister Lauds World's 'Brilliance'

Thursday, August 20, 2015 |  Israel Today Staff

Israeli National Infrastructures Minister Yuval Steinitz (pictured) on Wednesday congratulated the international community on its “innovative and out-of-the-box thinking” in permitting Iran to self-inspect its own nuclear facilities.

“One can only wonder if the Iranian inspectors will also have to wait 24 days before being able to visit the site and look for incriminating evidence?” Steinitz added.

The facetious remarks came in response to news that the UN watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), had reached what many saw as a face-saving arrangement with Iran whereby the latter will provide its own experts to inspect sites like Parchin, a sprawling and particularly sensitive nuclear facility near Tehran.

Parchin is effectively run by Iran’s hard-line Islamic Revolutionary Guards, and is one of the sites that the IAEA, among others, previously suspected of being involved in the early production of nuclear weapons.

The Iranian regime had in recent weeks repeatedly made clear that the terms of the Obama-brokered nuclear deal notwithstanding, it would be setting the rules for any nuclear inspections on Iranian soil.

The White House tried to downplay the reports, telling France’s AFP news agency that it had “every confidence” in the IAEA and its approach to Iran


Hamas: We Captured Dolphin Spying for Israel!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 |  Israel Today Staff

Once again, Israel’s Arab enemies have caught the Jewish state red-handed utilizing animals as spies and assassins.

Sources in Gaza reported on Wednesday that Hamas a few weeks ago captured a dolphin that was equipped with advanced surveillance devices.

According to the report, the dolphin was tracked and nabbed by the “naval commando” unit of Hamas’ military forces, the same unit that during last summer’s Gaza war infiltrated southern Israel via the sea only to be wiped out by Israeli soldiers guarding a coastal village.

The Palestinian newspaper Al Quds reported that the Hamas commandoes became wary when they spotted the dolphin making “suspicious movements” just outside the Gaa port.

If their account is to be believed, the dolphin was sent by Israel to film the training of Hamas naval commandoes.   More than that, Palestinian officials claimed the dolphin was also carrying some sort of dart gun that could have wounded or killed member of the Hamas unit.

The dolphin was dragged onto a Gaza beach for “inspection,” but its ultimate fate is unknown.

Over the years there has been no shortage of claims from Arab media that Israel has somehow managed to make the beasts of the wild do its bidding. Most famously, voices from Egypt in 2010 accused Israel’s Mossad spy agency of sending a killer shark to attack tourists in the Sinai Peninsula.


I am a Zionist because I am an Arab

by Fred Maroun, Aug. 7, 2015

I am sometimes asked how despite being an Arab, I support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. My answer is that I support Israelbecause I am an Arab.

Israeli Arab and Muslim Sarah Zoabi said, “I want to say to all the Arabs of Israel to wake up. We live in paradise. Comparing us to other countries, to Arab countries – we live in paradise.” Sadly, we cannot all live in Israel, and even if we could, unless we change ourselves first, Israel would become one more failed Arab state.

Palestinian-Jordanian Mudar Zahran argues that we need Israel for strategic reasons, concluding that “if the day were to come when Israel falls, Jordan, Egypt and many others would fall, too, and ‎Westerners would be begging Iran for oil.‎ We can hate Israel as much as we like, but we must realize that without it, we too would be ‎gone.‎”  While I agree with Zahran, Israel has no obligation to defend the whole Arab world while we Arabs keep demonizing her.

The reason I support Israel is because I want good things to happen not only in Israel but in the whole Middle East. Israel is a role model that we can emulate. Unlike fake “pro-Palestinian” activists, I want an end to hate, violence, oppression, destruction, and deaths.

We must look at our dismal failures and learn from the best. Israel gives a prominent role to religion together with innovation, liberalism, and democracy. She resolves differences without civil wars, insurrections, or military coups. In Israel terrorists are widely condemned, and thegovernmentpolice, and religious authorities stand unambiguously against them regardless of their religion or the religion of their victims. In Israel a moral failing is taken seriously, and Israel goes to war against it. We do none of those things.

Palestinian Bassam Tawil observed, “While Israelis have been holding rallies to condemn terror attacks against our people, we have been celebrating the killing of Jews. How many times have we taken to the streets to hand out sweets and candies in jubilation over the killing of Jews? Such sickening scenes of men and women celebrating terror attacks against Jews on the streets of the West Bank and Gaza Strip have never been condemned by our leaders. […] We still have a lot to learn from Israeli leaders and the Israeli public.”

Following violence perpetrated against Palestinians and against a pride parade in Jerusalem, Orthodox Rabbi Benny Lau spoke at one of the many anti-terrorism demonstrations in Israel and he said to loud applause, “It is not possible to say ‘our hands did not spill this blood.’ Anyone who has […] heard the racist jokes, the homophobic jokes, the obscene words, and did not stand up and stop it, he is a partner to this bloodshed. All the worshippers […] heard for themselves the Ten Commandments. And in them, at the top, they stood and heard, ‘do not murder.’ In the name of what Torah, in the name of what God, does someone go and murder, do people go and burn a baby and his entire family? Whose Torah is this?”

I want an Arab world where religious leaders speak like this, with passion, love for humankind, and self-awareness, where we take ownership of our own actions, and where crowds enthusiastically applaud moral leaders like Lau. But we do none of those things. Our moral leaders are hiding or exiled. We blame Israel and lie about Israel to the cheers of anti-Semites. We are misogynistic, fanatical, mean-spirited, self-defeating, duplicitous, shameless, gullible, bigoted, closed-minded, and cowardly. How can any sane Arab not want change?

I want Arabs to have the moral values of Israeli Jews. I am not ashamed to say this, and I would gladly shout it over the rooftops of the Arab world. I want Arabs to look at Israel and learn.

We are raised to be anti-Semites, we are egged on by fake peace activists and fake pro-Palestinian activists, including anti-Semitic Jews, and our hatred is amplified by the Israeli occupation and by IDF retaliations which we brought on by our refusal to accept the existence of one tiny Jewish state. Terrorists continue attacking Israel because the attacks ensure that the occupation continues and that Israel strikes back, feeding support for terrorists and oppressors. Why do we allow ourselves to be manipulated like this?

I know that I represent a small minority among Arabs, but I would be in the majority if we Arabs took our blinders off. We must refuse to be manipulated through fear, hatred, and revenge, and we must start using the gift that God, if she exists, has given to us, our brains.



August 7, 2015

Murdering Jewish children is for Allah, 
according to the Palestinian Authority
by Itamar Marcus
Every society has murderers and extremists who would kill even children. The test of a society's morality is how it responds to those murderers. Israel loathes, ostracizes and prosecutes Israeli terrorists who murder Palestinian children. The Palestinian Authority honors, embraces and rewards Palestinian terrorists who murder Israeli children.

Last Friday, a terrorist, apparently an Israeli, set fire to a Palestinian home, killing an 18-month-old boy. The arson and murder has been condemned by Israel's prime minister, president, political and religious leaders and everyone who has spoken about it. When the murderer is found, he will be prosecuted and will spend the rest of his life in prison.

On March 11, 2011, five members of the Fogel family were killed in their home by Palestinian terrorists from the Awad family. Hakim Awad led the attack, killing the parents, Ehud and Ruth, and three of their children, aged 11, four and two months.

From the day Awad was arrested, the PA rewarded him with a monthly salary, which eventually will reach $3,000 a month, four times the average Palestinian civil servant's salary. Official PA TV then invited his mother and aunt to talk on the PA TV program dedicated to honoring and sending greetings to imprisoned terrorists. They referred to Awad and his accomplices as "heroes" and Hakim Awad himself was called "the hero, the legend." The PA TV host added: "We, for our part, also convey our greetings to them."

Dalal Mughrabi led a terrorist attack in which 12 children and 25 adults were murdered in a bus hijacking. To teach Palestinian children the value it places on murdering a large number of Israeli children, the PA has named dozens of places in her honor, including three schools, summer camps, sporting events, a town square and much more.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas himself funded a computer center named after her and sponsored a birthday party in her honor, as the banner shown on PA TV highlighted: "Under the auspices of President Mahmoud Abbas: The Political and National Education Authority Ceremony on the anniversary of the birth of the bride of the cosmos, The Martyr Dalal Mughrabi."

On March 29, 2002, 17-year-old suicide bomber Ayyat Akhras murdered a 17-year-old Israeli girl named Rachel Levy. To make sure Palestinian children understand how valuable it is to murder Israeli teens, the PA placed a picture of Akhras over the door of the Artas High School for Girls near Bethlehem. The caption to the picture reads: "The Heroic Martyr."

In May 2013, Palestinian Media Watch reported that official PA TV had honored three Palestinian terrorists responsible for many gruesome suicide bombings that in all claimed the lives of 156 Israeli civilians, including many children. The bombings included the Passover Seder bombing, killing 31; Sbarro restaurant bombing, 15 (eight children); Hebrew University, 9; Cafe Moment, 12; Cafe Hillel, 7; Zion Square in Jerusalem, 11.

PA TV responded the next week with outrage at PMW: "Palestinian Media Watch... slandered these heroes and claimed that they are terrorists... If they see Abdallah Barghouti [67 life sentences] as a terrorist, Abbas al-Sayid [35 life sentences] as a terrorist and Ibrahim Hamed [54 life sentences], if they see all these prisoners as terrorists - we see them as heroes... I salute you, all you heroic fighter prisoners, and of course, I always wish you freedom" [PA TV (Fatah), June 27, 2013].

Last October, a Palestinian terrorist drove his car into a light-rail station in Jerusalem, killing three-month-old Chaya Zissel Brown and 22-year-old Karen Mosquera of Ecuador, and wounding seven others. He was shot and killed by police while attempting to escape. The next day Fatah, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, honored the murderer as a hero on its Facebook page: "The Palestinian National Liberation Movement, Fatah... accompanies to his wedding the heroic Martyr Abd Al-Rahman Al-Shaloudi, who carried out the Jerusalem operation, in which settlers in the occupied city of Jerusalem were run over. Rest in peace, we are loyal to you."

Describing his death as a wedding indicates that Fatah believes that killing three-month-old Jewish children is what Allah wants and Islam demands, and that the murderer is being rewarded with 72 dark-eyed virgins in paradise.

A few weeks later, four rabbis were butchered in a synagogue during morning prayers by two Palestinian terrorists. Abbas's adviser, Sultan Abu Einein, immediately posted pictures on his personal Facebook page of the pools of blood and the murdered rabbis still wearing their bloodied prayer shawls, which he captioned as "pictures from the scene of the heroic operation." The next day, to assure Palestinians understood that murdering Jews is not only a "heroic" Palestinian nationalist act but also an Islamic imperative, he added these words: "Blessed be your quality weapons, the wheels of your cars, your axes and kitchen knives... it's according to Allah's will. We are the soldiers of Allah."

Since the PA was established Israelis have murdered two Palestinian children. The Israeli government presents these murderers of Palestinian children as immoral outcasts. In the same period Palestinian terrorists have murdered close to 200 Israeli children. The PA presents these murderers of Israeli children as heroes and role models and as fulfilling Islam.

This by itself captures the essence of the immorality of the PA and highlights the myth of a "moderate" PA. As long as the PA teaches its children and adults that it is heroic, rewarded and ordered by Islam to murder Jews, a Palestinian peace partner has yet to emerge, Palestinian terrorism will continue and a peace process has yet to begin. 

The Iran Deal

Israeli bumblebees fly 'first-class' to Japan

Decline in the honeybee population is a global problem, but Japan is acutely affected • Bio Bee, a company based at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, sends spacious hives that each contain a queen bee and 50 worker bees to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Dan Lavie
A honeybee busy pollenating
Photo credit: Dudu Grunshpan

Israeli bumblebees are being sent to Japan to help make up for a lack of bees caused by increased use of pesticides in the rice fields of the Land of the Rising Sun.

The Israeli bees are being sent to Japan inside spacious hives, each of which contains an impregnated queen bee and 50 worker bees that supply her needs. The Bio Bee firm, based at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, which raises and ships the bees, takes care to ensure the queen and her minions have as comfortable a flight as possible with "first-class" conditions and a short layover in Moscow.

When they arrive in Japan, the bees are sent to greenhouses in farms through the country, where they work busily to pollinate the produce, a process vital to ensure a good harvest.

Bio Bee's mass-produced earth bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) are created for pollination purposes only. They have been bred to fulfill their mission even when the temperature drops, as well as in rainy, cloudy weather, when bees do not naturally work and prefer to huddle up in their warm hives. As the bees suck up nectar from a flower, they shake it, which helps disseminate the pollen.

The pollinating bees have for years been helping farmers in Israel, who are also affected by the global decline in the honeybee population. The advantage of these particular bees is that they tend to stay inside the closed greenhouse, rather than flying out to cultivate other people's fields.


This Government Has Got to GO!

The present government, formed when Benjamin Netanyahu, once again, won the Israeli elections, is a total farce. It is formed on ‘self-interest’ alone, with many more than just one perpetrator.

But let’s look at the greatest of the perpetrators of this government: Benjamin Netanyahu himself. After scaring the Israeli public once again to vote for him, he negotiated ‘with the devil’ with the sole purpose of forming a government, with total disregard to the quality of its members.

Bibi Netanyahu is beginning his third consecutive term (fourth overall) as the country’s leader, a position he has held since 2009. Netanyahu also currently holds FOUR ministerial positions: Foreign Affairs, Health, Communications and Regional Cooperation portfolios. This hold on multiple portfolios is against Israeli law, from 2010, when the Israeli High Court warned this same Bibi Netanyahu against holding more than one portfolio. The absurd point about his holding the reigns on so many ministerial positions, is the fact that in this government, there are more ministers than ever.

This government appears to be one of the worst, most harmful governments ever to have been formed in Israel. Its members’ top priorities are deepening the occupation, expanding the settlements, weakening democracy and increasing the subsidies for the Haredi society of scholars. It has reversed any good work created by the past government and reversed the country to ‘religious’ dictatorship and the destruction of all the good work done by the religious group ‘Tzohar’ who tried to introduce tolerance and acceptance of all Jews, be they Haredi, Conservative, or Reform.

This brings us to the next perpetrator of putting one’s personal, or party’s interests ahead of those of the country and the Jewish world: Religious Services Minister David Azoulay said yesterday that he doesn't consider members of the Reform denomination to be Jews. David Azoulay of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party told Israel's Army Radio Tuesday that these are "Jews who lost their way" and he likely to further distance Jews in North America from Israel. It is disgusting and frightening this this Minister, who continues to live according to the prehistoric years of the ghettos in pre-war Eastern Europe, can cause such a discord among the Jewish people. He has no right to do so and should be fired, instead of just reprimanded, by Netanyahu.

We also have a criminal running the Ministry of the Economy: Aryeh Deri, the leader of Shas. This person spent two years in prison for corruption and fraud. How Mr. Netanyahu can give him the job of governing the economy, is beyond comprehension. It is just another proof of his motives: “I would cripple the State I live in, in order to remain in power”

Mr. Netanyahu, you are well on the way to destroying everything good and cherished about my homeland. Please stop. Take a break (permanent) from politics. Leave the government to those who want the best for Israel, not themselves.


Jurisprudence and defending Israel

Alan Dershowitz, J. Post, July 1, 2015

A recent United Nations report once again condemned Israel for defending its civilians against rockets fired by Hamas from densely populated civilian areas.

A recent United Nations report once again condemned Israel for defending its civilians against rockets fired by Hamas from densely populated civilian areas.

Once again Israel responded by releasing information compiled by independent experts. This article attempts to put these issues in a broader jurisprudential context.

The aspiration of every legal system is to be governed by the objective rule of law rather than the ad hoc decisions of biased human beings. What then is the rule of law, as distinguished from the rule of men and women, since all law must, in practice, be administered by fallible humans? The essence of the rule of law – from the Bible, the Codes of Hammurabi and Lipit-Ishtar to the Magna Carta, the United States Constitution and the Geneva Accords – is advanced codification: a series of written rules designed to be applied equally to all, without knowing in advance who will be perpetrators, who victims and who bystanders.

The great legal philosopher John Rawles made the principle an important part of the legal cannon, where he coined the phrase “veil of ignorance.”

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In his abstract conception, rules must be written in a nether-world by those veiled in ignorance regarding their status in the real world to be governed by the rules.

In other words, the writers cannot know whether they will be male or female, gay or straight, white or black, handicapped or fully able, Jew or gentile, handsome or ugly, strong or weak, smart or not so smart, poor or rich, healthy or unhealthy, etc., when they draft the rules that will govern their future conduct.

In this way, they will be incentivized to enact laws that will be fair to all.

This idea was not original with Rawles, though he deserves credit for formulating it in a clever and accessible manner. The idea underlying Rawles’ conception is an ancient as codification, and finds expression in such biblical concepts as “be kind to strangers, for you were once strangers in the land of Egypt,” with the implication that you may be strangers once again in other lands.

In the US Constitution, this idea is manifested in the prohibition against Bills of Attainder, which preclude Congress from enacting laws punishing named individuals. All criminal laws must be of a general nature, equally applicable to all who come within their prohibitory language.

No one is above the law, as courts have repeatedly stated. The principle is also reflected in the prohibition against “common law crimes,” applied retroactively to conduct that was not specifically codified in advance.

How then do these general principles, about which there is universal agreement in theory, apply to the subject of our discussion today? Directly! The way Israel is being judged today is a dramatic exception to the rule of law and the principles articulated above. Under the current approach, the international community first considers Israel’s actions, in isolation from the actions of other nations; it judges them to be imperfect, when evaluated against abstract rules; it then creates specific rules applicable only to the nation-state of the Jewish people, and to no other nation.

This has clearly been the case with the Goldstone Report, the more recent report by Mary McGowan Davis, the decisions of the International Court of Justice, the resolutions of numerous UN bodies, especially the misnamed Human Rights Council, and even the reports of Israeli NGOs such as B’tselem and Breaking the Silence.

These so-called applications of the rules of international law all share a common modus operandi: they begin with Israel’s actions rather than with neutral principles of law designed to govern the actions of all nations and groups. They then judge Israel’s actions against unrealistic, anachronistic and abstract principles that could not be, and have never been, applied to other nations or groups. They then condemn Israel, without articulating rules of general applicability.

Consider the following relevant examples: What is the international law governing nations whose civilians are being targeted by rockets being deliberately fired from densely populated civilian areas? One can search the various codes of law without finding a definitive answer to this question. Must the victim nation simply accept the casualties and fear that accompany such rocket fire? May it try to stop the launch of future rockets, even if its preventive actions will inevitably kill some civilians? How many potential civilian deaths are permissible to prevent how many rockets, under the rules of “proportionality”? What about the risk from tunnels dug under its territory with intended exits near civilian areas? Can the known entrances to these terror tunnels that are built in or near civilian homes, mosques, schools, hospitals, or United Nations facilities, be destroyed preventatively? Or must the victim nation wait until the terrorists exit the tunnels at unknown locations? May a nation that is repeatedly threatened with non-negotiable demands for its complete destruction take preemptive or preventive military action to destroy nuclear facilities that may soon give the threatening nation the ability to carry out its threats with nuclear weapons? Or must they depend on negotiations from which they are excluded.

The international community refuses to address these general issues of great and immediate relevance.

They refuse to apply the Rawlsian test veiled in ignorance regarding whether they will be the aggressor nation or the victim nation. They prefer instead to enact Bills of Attainder against only one specifically named country: the nation-state of the Jewish people.

I’m reminded of an infamous exchange between the great American jurist Learned Hand and Harvard’s bigoted former president A. Lawrence Lowell, who enacted anti-Jewish admission quota because, as he put it, “Jews cheat.” When Learned Hand wrote him insisting that non- Jews cheat as well, Lowell wrote back: “You’re changing the subject. We’re talking about the Jews now.”

Well you can’t just talk about Jews, or any other specific groups, when you apply the rule of law. Nor can you talk only about the nation-state of the Jewish people. You must talk about all groups, all nations, and all people when you enact or apply rules of law.

The same analysis is applicable to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. As far as I’m aware, none of the advocates of BDS, nor any of the institution that have adopted it, have asked what general criteria should need to be met before BDS is directed against any country.

The principle of the “worst first” is never applied by BDSers. Instead they apply the Lawrence approach: “We’re talking about the Jews now.” If general principles were applied to the worst first, no boycott movement would reach Israel until the very end of the list.

I suggest therefore the following approach to the BDS movement: whenever and wherever BDS is proposed, an effort ought to be made to apply BDS to the worst first. A document should be provided to the institution, listing the human rights violators in order of the seriousness of their violation and of the inability of victims to achieve redress from institutions within the state, especially an independent judiciary and media.

Topping this list would be nations such as China, Cuba, Iran, Russia, Turkey, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Belarus, Syria, Lebanon and Libya. The list goes on and on. The idea of singling out Israel for BDS is as incompatible with the rule of law as is the focus of the international community on Israel’s alleged war crimes.

Those who support Israel should not be defending every Israeli action but merely demanding that Israel’s imperfections be assessed in a comparative context, as Learned Hand demanded that president Lawrence do of Harvard students, and as the Bill of Attainder clause and the prohibition against common law crimes demands in the context of the rule of law. Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done, and treating Israel differently from other similarly situated nations undercuts both the rule of law and the quest for justice.

This article is based on a talk Professor Dershowitz gave to a legal conference in Israel sponsored by Shurat Ha’din.

It's Really Simple

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The story goes that a non-Jew came to the home of Hillel, and asked if the sage could recite the Bible while standing on one foot. Hillel's answer was "Love your neighbor as yourself, all else is commentary". Simple!


The "Palestine Problem" is just as easy to explain in one simple sentence. "The Arabs still reject the UN's 1947 call for a Jewish State in Palestine."

A third question is "How can we confront the cartoon war that has been launched against us, against the next generation, and against civilization itself?" The answer is just as simple. We must train our students in the tactics and techniques of cartoon advocacy and activism so that they can fight back.

How? That's also simple. Just click on

-Dry Bones- Israel's Political Comic Strip Since 1973


No More Siddiqui - Anti-Israel/Anti Harper Columnist Retires from The Star.

Haroon Siddiqui has been copy editor, foreign affairs reporter, news editor, national editor, editorial page editor and columnist for the Star. In conferring an honorary doctorate on him in 2001, York University called him “a modern-day Bruce Hutchison,” the famous 20th-century chronicler of Canada. Siddiqui has won several journalistic awards and honours, including the Order of Ontario and the Order of Canada.

Haroon Siddiqui has also been an open adversary to Israel and everything Israeli. In fact, his only subject that rivals his 'quest' to besmirch Israel is his hatred of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He rarely missed the chance to put down one or the other (or both) in his bi-weekly column.

Even his parting words couldn't hold back, when he wrote "...the alarm bells over Stephen Harper’s increasing authoritarianism and demagoguery, which have changed Canada for the worse."

Mr. Siddiqui, you will not be missed.


Ten Ways Israel Is Treated Differently

by David Harris, Huffington Post, Jun. 14, 2015

It's appalling to see how Israel is treated by a totally different standard than other countries in the international system. Of course, Israel deserves scrutiny, as does every other nation. But it also merits equal treatment -- nothing more, nothing less.

First, Israel is the only UN member state whose very right to exist is under constant challenge.

Notwithstanding the fact that Israel embodies an age-old connection with the Jewish people as repeatedly cited in the most widely read book in the world, the Bible, that it was created based on the 1947 recommendation of the UN, and that it has been a member of the world body since 1949, there's a relentless chorus of nations, institutions, and individuals denying Israel's very political legitimacy.

No one would dare question the right to exist of many other countries whose basis for legitimacy is infinitely more questionable than Israel's, including those that were created by brute force, occupation, or distant mapmakers. Just look around at how many nations fit those categories, including, by the way, quite a few Arab countries. Why, then, is it open hunting season only on Israel? Could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that it's the only Jewish-majority country in the world?

Second, Israel is the only UN member state that's been targeted for annihilation by another UN member state.Think about it. The leadership of Iran, together with Iran-funded proxies in Lebanon and Gaza, has repeatedly called for wiping Israel off the map. Is there any other country facing the threat of genocidal destruction?

Third, Israel is the only nation whose capital city, Jerusalem, is not recognized by other nations.
Imagine the absurdity of this. Foreign diplomats live in Tel Aviv while conducting virtually all their business in Jerusalem. Though no Western nation questions Israel's presence in the city's western half, where the prime minister's office, Knesset (Parliament), and Ministry of Foreign Affairs are located, there are no embassies there.

In fact, look at listings of world cities, including places of birth in passports, and you'll see something striking -- Paris, France; Tokyo, Japan; Pretoria, South Africa; Lima, Peru; and Jerusalem, sans country -- orphaned, if you will.

Fourth, the UN has two agencies dealing with refugees.

One, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), focuses on all the world's refugee populations, save one. The other, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine (UNRWA), handles only the Palestinians.

But the difference goes beyond two structures and two bureaucracies. In fact, they have two different mandates.

UNHCR seeks to resettle refugees; UNRWA does not. When, in 1951, John Blanford, UNRWA's then-director, proposed resettling up to 250,000 refugees in nearby Arab countries, those countries were enraged and refused, leading to his departure. The message got through. No UN official since has pushed for resettlement.

Moreover, the UNRWA and UNHCR definitions of a refugee differ markedly. Whereas the UNHCR targets only those who've actually fled their homelands, the UNRWA definition covers "the descendants of persons who became refugees in 1948," without any generational limitations.

Fifth, Israel is the only country that has won all its major wars for survival and self-defense, yet is confronted by defeated adversaries who have insisted on dictating the terms of peace.

In doing so, ironically, they've found support from many countries who, victorious in war themselves, demanded -- and, yes, got -- border adjustments.

Sixth, Israel is the only country in the world with a separate -- and permanent -- agenda item, #7, at the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council.

No other member state, including serial human-rights violators like North Korea, Syria, Iran, and Sudan, gets its own agenda item. Only the sole liberal democracy in the Middle East is treated in this blatantly biased manner because that's the way it works -- the bad guys circle the wagons to protect one another, and, at the same time, gang up on Israel, creating an automatic majority against it.

Seventh, Israel is the only country condemned by name this year at the World Health Organization annual assembly as a "violator" of health rights.

This canard takes place despite the fact that Israel provides world-class medical assistance to Syrians wounded in the country's civil war and Palestinians living in Hamas-ruled Gaza; has achieved one of the world's highest life expectancy rates for all its citizens, Jewish and non-Jewish alike; is among the very first medical responders to humanitarian crises wherever they may occur, from Haiti to Nepal; and is daily advancing the frontiers of medicine for everyone, something that can't be said for too many other nations.

Eighth, Israel is the only country that's the daily target of three UN bodies established and staffed solely for the purpose of advancing the Palestinian cause and bashing Israel -- the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People; the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People; and the Division for Palestinian Rights in the UN's Department of Political Affairs.

Ninth, Israel is the only country annually targeted by up to 20 UN General Assembly resolutions and countless measures in other UN bodies, such as the Human Rights Council.

Indeed, astonishingly, each year, Israel is on the receiving end of more such efforts than the other 192 UN member states combined. No one can seriously argue that this is remotely warranted, but it's a reality because in every UN body, except the Security Council where each of the five permanent members has a veto, it's all about majority voting.

When close to two-thirds of the world's nations today belong to the Non-Aligned Movement, and when they elect a country like Iran as its chair, with Venezuela on deck, that just about says it all.

And tenth, Israel is the only country targeted by the BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) movement.

Has anyone seen any significant campus activity that takes aim at true human rights offenders, including some in Israel's neighborhood, who behead, forcibly convert, and expel Christians; drop chemically-laced barrel bombs on civilians; deny Palestinians full rights; and use capital punishment, including for minors, with abandon?

Has any student group tried to prevent undergraduates from traveling to any country other than Israel, as was the case with a recent "pledge" circulated at UCLA?

Has anyone seen any flotillas or flytillas organized by European far-left groups that don't involve an anti-Israel angle?

Has anyone seen movements for companies to pull out of any country other than Israel?

Turkey, as but one example, has brazenly and unjustifiably occupied one-third of the island nation of Cyprus for 41 years, deployed an estimated 40,000 Turkish troops there, and transferred countless settlers from Anatolia, yet there's not a peep against Ankara from those who purport to act in the name of "justice" and against "occupation."

Given political realities, tackling any of these instances of egregious double standards and blatant hypocrisy can be a daunting challenge. And, still worse, this list is not complete. 

The old advertisement proclaimed that you don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's Jewish rye bread. Well, surely, you don't have to be a pro-Israel activist to be troubled by the grotesquely unjust treatment of Israel. All it takes is a capacity for moral outrage that things like this are happening today.

Delegitimizing the Jewish State

 Dry Bones cartoon, Kirschen, Israel, antisemitism, FECO, Bouton, cartoons, Nazis, Jew hatred,Iran, Holocaust, France, Charlie Hebdo,

The shocking thing about Bernard Bouton’s entry in Iran’s antisemitic holocaust cartoon competition, which identifies Palestinians as “victims of a holocaust”, is that we are not shocked by the cartoon. We are not shocked for the simple reason that in recent years we have been flooded with cartoons that bizarrely allege that the Jews are the perpetrators of a holocaust against Palestinian Arabs. “Bizarre” because it belittles the unspeakable realities of the real holocaust; public book burnings, destruction of synagogues, expulsions from schools, boycotts of businesses, civilians rounded up, publically humiliated and transported in cattle cars to death camps, numbers tattooed on arms, prisoners starved, castrated, tortured, and worked to death, gas chambers, babies thrown alive into ovens to save the price of bullets, etc. etc. etc . . . none of which have any parallel in the treatment of Palestinian Arabs. So how is it that these irrational cartoons which promote hatred of Jews and spark violence and murderous attacks on Jews by “True Believers” are being drawn by cartoonists like Bernard Bouton and so many others?


Eric Hoffer in his 20th Century book “The True Believer” examined the mechanisms and tactics of mass movements that sought to conquer and transform his world, movements like Nazism, Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Anarchism, etc. He came to the fascinating and revealing conclusion that “A mass movement can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.” Nazism found its “devil” in “the threat” posed to the world by the Jews. The Nazi party’s full name was the National Socialist party, but who remembers what their ideas and ideals were other than Jew Hatred and racial superiority? Their identity and beliefs were destroyed by their maniacal Jew-hatred. Now, in the 21st Century, we are witness to the rise of another mass movement that seeks to conquer and transform the world. It is called Islamism. And its “Devil”, like that of the Nazis, is “the threat posed to the world by the Jews.” Islam’s identity and beliefs have been destroyed by the maniacal Jew-hatred of the Islamists. “Antisemitism” is a synonym for Jew hatred. It is a word coined in 1879 by a German named Wilhelm Marr.

To understand Bouton’s cartoon it is important to understand that antisemitism is a behavioral and cultural virus that infects society. Like a virus that infects a computer or a virus that infects a person, the main thrust of the virus is to take over and control the host that it infects. Its goal is to spread itself to any host with which it comes in contact. Bouton’s cartoon is, very simply, infected with the virus of Jew hatred. Like someone who has a virus and sneezes to spread the sickness, cartoonist Bouton (and others like him) cannot control the sickness which infects them and compels them to infect others. In the 1930’s the Nazis assembled a limited set of images of viral antisemitism. In a study I made at Yale University’s Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism and Racism (YIISA) and published by Yale University Press, I determined that the Nazi created set of viral images embedded into cartoons could be divided into two viral strains; One strain answered the question of what Jews are (horned devils, spiders, snakes, fanged vampires, rats, etc.) The second strain answered the question of what Jews do (kill babies, drink blood, control the media, own the banks, rule the world, etc.) . These two viral cartoon strains infected readers with the idea that they were likely to be victimized by the powerful demonic Jews.

And like the Nazis before them, the Islamists are successfully using these very same viral cartoon images to spread their anti-Jewish libels and Jew-hatred.

Concentration camp photographs, however, showed the Jews to be non-threatening, weak, pitiful victims themselves, who posed no credible threat to others. This presented a challenge to the spread of antisemitism. Antisemites, in response, began to deny that the Holocaust had ever happened. Holocaust denial failed miserably, but it is in the nature of viruses to develop resistant strains. And so a third holocaust-resistant strain evolved. Its viral images do not deny Nazi atrocities and do not deny the horrors of the Holocaust. This new strain uses cartoons to spread the concept that it is the Jews who are the Nazis, and that the Holocaust is real and being perpetrated by the Jews!!

The use of this new Holocaust cartoon strain is an attempt to incite a potential base of 1.57 billion Moslems (making up over 23% of the world population) to attack a miniscule Jewish population of about 14 million Jews (less than 0.2 percent of the world’s population), and to encourage non-Moslems to accept this Jew hatred as valid, which brings us to examine the sad case of Bernard Bouton, a French cartoonist and the President of the Federation of Cartoonists Organizations (FECO). Less than six months after the three days of Charlie Hebdo terror in France in which Jews in a Parisian supermarket were attacked and killed because they were Jews, in a France which is growingly hostile to Jews, we witness a French cartoonist offering his “Jews are the perpetrators of the Holocaust” cartoon as an entry in the second Iranian “Holocaust cartoon competition.”

A truly sad affair, seeing a French cartoonist collaborating with the enemies of France and of Western Civilization. One would have expected the President of the Federation of Cartoonists Organization to be fighting for the release of Iranian cartoonist Atena Farghadani who was given a 12 year prison sentence by an Iranian Court for posting a cartoon they didn’t like on her facebook page. One would have expected the President of the Federation of Cartoonists Organization to be fighting against the meteoric rise of Jew hatred in France. One would have expected the President of the Federation of Cartoonists Organization to be fighting against the boycotting of the Jewish State, Its universities and its produce. But clearly, in Bouton’s case those expectations would have been wrong. He cannot heal himself and reject the antisemitic virus that infects his mind and his work. Surrender to the sickness is so much easier than bravery, self-awareness, and resistance.


Worse Than Hamas? ISIS in Gaza

Tuesday, June 09, 2015 |  Elizabeth Blade

Earlier this month Hamas “police” stormed the Gaza home of Yunis Hunnar, believed to be a member of a Salafi group linked to ISIS. A Hamas spokesman later said Hunnar had carried out attacks against the ruling group in May. Nor was it the first time Hamas’ rule had been challenged by Islamists more radical than itself.

In 2006 – in tight cooperation with Hamas’ military wing – a Salafi cell called “Soldiers of Allah” kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. A year later, they repeated the move by abducting BBC correspondent Alan Johnston. In 2009, it was reported that a group of Salafists had managed to establish a caliphate in southern Gaza, sparking a bloody confrontation with Hamas that left 39 members of the Salafi group dead.

With the rise of ISIS and the establishment of a caliphate in parts of Syria and Iraq, the voice of Gaza-based Salafi groups has become more prominent. In January of this year, following the bloody attacks in Paris, members of various Salafi groups took to the streets of Gaza to protest against Charlie Hebdo’s caricatures of the prophet Muhammed. Some of them went as far as to plant bombs near the French cultural center. Although no injuries were reported, Hamas got the hint and arrested hundreds of suspected radicals.

On the surface, most of Gaza’s 1.8 million residents claim to support Hamas. But they are constantly exposed to the views of Salafi groups that embrace a more radical version of Islam, and offer an alternative to the corruption of Hamas.

A Gaza-based political analyst and professor at Al-Azhar University, whose name cannot be revealed for security reasons, told Israel Today that these groups have growing appeal among downtrodden Gazans.

“Rampant unemployment and extreme poverty - most Gazans live on $1.5 a day - have radicalized our society. The Salafi groups have learned to play on the religious feelings of the masses, saying that Allah is punishing the population for its sins and the only way to end the Israeli occupation [sic] is through purification and Jihad in the name of Allah,” he explained to us over the phone.

While many fall into this trap, the expert believes Hamas’ grip in Gaza remains strong. “Hamas’ position in the Strip is still unshakeable. We are talking about some 35,000 trained fighters. Still, it would only take one suicide bomber to turn Gaza into a bloodbath,” he warned.

Perhaps wary of confronting Hamas directly, some Salafi groups have taken to lobbing rockets at Israel, hoping to trigger harsh enough a reaction by the IDF to dislodge Hamas.

Still licking its wounds from last year’s costly Gaza war, Hamas vowed to punish the perpetrators, rather than praise the latest attacks on Israel.

Surprising as it sounds, the rising threat of ISIS and its affiliates might be bringing Hamas and Israel closer together.

“Indirect cooperation is definitely possible,” said our Gaza source. “While Hamas and Israel can defend themselves, they also understand the threat of groups like ISIS, Jabhat al Nusra and Al Qaeda. For now, Israel views Hamas as its enemy, but if ISIS decides to strike, Israel might want to change its stance, opting for cooperation with the rulers of Gaza.”


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